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Amangwe /Loskop Bulk Water Supply

The project is situated within the Amangwe Tribal Authority area approximately 30 km west of Estcourt, Kwazulu Natal. Of the 43000 people served by the scheme 55% reside in Loskop to the north and 45% reside in the southern region known as Amangwe.

The project area covers over 170 square kilometres

Two schemes were proposed, allowing for phased implementation :

A southern scheme was designed to serve the entire area by gravity, but supplying only the southern regions in drought periods with an estimated cost R 19,6 million

A river abstraction scheme in the north to supplement the supply to the more populated Northern regions, particularly during drought periods had an estimated cost R16,0 million

Southern Scheme Requirements

20 Ml storage for a 1:10 year drought sequence achieved by the construction of a 3m high weir and two 10 Ml storage ponds and 14 storage reservoirs together with 35km of bulk pipelines

Northern Scheme

Construction of 30 km of gravity pipelines linking the southern network to the northern regions, refurbishment and upgrading of the existing treatment works and pump station to ensure a supplementary supply during drought periods and construction of 4km of rising mains and 13 storage reservoirs.

 Weir Construction

Weir construction was programmed during the winter months. Access roads were constructed to facilitate material delivery and on completion of the reinforced concrete wall, 600m3 of impervious clay was imported for the core.

Storage Ponds

Two 10 Ml storage ponds were constructed. These ponds can be operated individually or by-passed altogether, depending on routine maintenance or supply requirements.


Machine excavation was  restricted to difficult conditions and maximum use was made of labour intensive methods using only local labour recruited through the Project Steering Committee. A total of 65 km of pipelines were laid.

Treatment Works.

The capacity of the existing plant was limited to 20m³per hour

The existing river abstraction works were upgraded and the plant capacity increased to 50m³/hour and an additional clear water storage reservoir was constructed. Slow sand filters were replaced with a low maintenance automatic backwash filter.


Prior to the construction of the Amangwe /Loskop Bulk Water Supply scheme the majority of the people in the Amangwe Tribal Area did not have access to an assured supply of water.